ESU - Eurasian Solar Union


The second great power of the GZGverse, after the NAC (though exactly who is first and who is second is a matter of debate). China conquered territory in Russia and much of Asia, starting in 2045. South Korea fell to China and North Korea in 2046. A coup in 2047 in Russia, sponsored by China, led to a return of Communist government to Russia and several of the other CIS nations. The Communist states then formed the Eurasian Union. The remaining CIS states (including part of Russia, the Ukraine, etc) formed the Romanov Hegemony under the deposed Czar in response. The EU crossed the Himalayas and invaded the Indian sub-continent in 2051. Launching its first FTL space craft in 2072 (several years behind the other major powers) the EU renamed itself the Eurasian Solar Union. Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia petitioned to join the ESU as "economic partners" in 2124, considering themselves to have been poorly treated by the NSL and seeing a trend toward some liberalization in ESU policies (as a result of the difficulties of administering strong central control over the vast distances of space). The balance of power swung away from the Chinese in 2127 as the ESU capital moved to the mainly Russian-settled Nova-Moskva.