Fantasy Wargames are wargames situated in fictional universes, often based or resembling universes described in Fantasy literature.

The term "Fantasy wargaming" is most often use to describe games set in a "High Fantasy" setting such as Tolkien's Middle Earth. Tolkien's Middle Earth was set in a world similar to medieval of dark ages Earth, but incorporated creatures of European folklore, such as Orcs, Elves, Goblins and Wizards. In this genre magical powers are common place.

But a more general usage of the term fantasy would also cover alternative history or science fiction genres.

High Fantasy Edit

Alternate History Edit

Victorian Science Fiction


Science Fiction Edit

Sci-fi wargaming

Popular Fantasy Wargame Rules Edit

High FantasyEdit

Hordes of the Things

Warhammer Fantasy Battles

Wargods of Aegyptus


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