Tzi Hagana l'Yisrael, the New Israeli Defense Fleet

This is from the Alpha Test Designs Site [[1]]

From its founding, the New Israeli military has been an integral part in the colonies' society. In a culture based on survival, and with known and active enemies, strength of arms is a fundamental need.

The New Israeli navy of 2194 is newer and more cohesive than ever before. In the wake of the Homeland War, which destroyed most of the extant fleet in 2173, New Israel embarked on a massive program of rebuilding and refitting, the pace of which only increased with the rise of the Intersentient (Xeno) War.

The navy is part of the unified Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) - or Tzi Hagana L'Israel (Defense fleet/navy of Israel - abbreviated the same way as Old Israel's defense forces as Tzahal - same as ground forces). Military ships are designated as Anyat Tzva'i Israeli (Israeli Military Ship - ATI, or Aleph Taf Yud ), while civilian ships are Anyat Israeli (AI, or Aleph Yud)

Before the Homeland war, the fleet was comprised largely of purchased, retired, or salvaged NAC, NSL, and sometimes FSE ships, plus a number of smaller native ships resulting from Israeli-Japanese cooperative design efforts. This diversity of ships rarely fit into cohesive groups. The current fleet is entirely native and purpose built.

Organization is geared primarily towards the defense of the three New Israeli systems and their major population centers. Each system has a dedicated defense fleet, with the home fleet at Epsilon Indi being the strongest.

"Deep range" fleets, some carrier- and some cruiser-based, usually reside in-system unless called out for specific duties, which can include convoy escort, exploration, retaliation, mercenary function, etc.

Hunter-Killer groups are usually looking for trouble between systems or in outlying routes, especially near Sayeed Kalifate and ESU space.

The intelligence wing operates a small number of fast surveillance and spy ships.

Customs and local policing duties are performed by Shlishim (triads, or triplets) of Corvettes acting in similar roles as the old wet-navy coast-guards.

Reserve forces are small, mainly retired and obsolete vessels that pre-date or survived the Homeland War and were not refitted. As the last of the newly constructed ships come on line, more of the surviving older ships will be retired.

New Israel is pioneering the Stealth hull at its black research facility, the Midbar Ghostworks, and the low-profile, sensor-resistant hull materials may see active use in the fleet if the admiralty approves of its performance.

Order of Battle


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