Full ORBAT including fighter squadrons available here [1]

New Israel Order of Battle, 2194

Planetary Defense Fleets: Tzi'im Hagana Mazalot

New Israel/Gan

Tzi Hagana L'Eretz Israel Chadasha

1xSDN, 2xBB, 1xCA, 1xCL, 1xDH, 2xDHs, 4xFH, 3xFE, 12xFtr-PB

Home fleet for SDN Ben Gurion (P-blue), BB Dreyfus (4), CA Raphael (Y11)


Tzi Hagana L'Naveh-Miksam

1xDN, 2xCH, 1xCLs, 1xDH-E, 2xDHs, 2xFH, 3xFE, 8xFtr-PB

Home fleet for DN Rabin (P-red), CH Yerushalayim (G2)


Tzi Hagana L'Sabra

1xBB, 1xCA-V, 1xCL, 3xFH, 2xFE, 5xFtr-PB

New Jordan

Jordan Defense Force - Hacracha Hagana Yarden

1xBC-V, 1xCE, 2xDS, 2xDH, 1xFE

Home fleet for BB-V Shaliach (A5)

Deep Space fleets: Tzi'im Chalal Amok

Deep Range Fleet 1 - Tzi Chalal Aleph

2xCV, 1xCA, 1xCL, 4xFH, 2xFE, 2xFS

CV elements are Herzl (Tz-red) and Weizman (Tz-blue)

Deep Range Fleet 2 - Tzi Chalal Bet

1xBDN-V, 2xCVL, 1xCL, 2xDS, 2xFF-M, 1xFE, 2xFF-S

Carrier elements include BDN-V Chalutz Chalal (Tz-green), and CVL Gavish (Z-blue)

Deep Range Fleet 3 - Tzi Chalal Gimel

3xCA-V, 1xCH, 1xCL, 1xCL-E

The CA-V's are normally the trio Chaifa (K2), Eilat (K3), and Ashkelon (K5). The CH Akko (G7) is usually attached to this fleet.

Deep Range Escort Group - Hacracha Chalal Livui

1xBB, 1xCVL, 1xCA ,2xCE, 2xDH, 2xDS, 1xFH, 2xFE

BB Dayan (A8) usually leads this fleet. CA Be'er Sheva (B1) may lead splintered strike groups.

Free Range Destroyer Group - Tzi Chofshi


Hunter-Killer Groups (commerce defense, raiding, retalliation)

HK Group 1 - First Hunters - Tzayadei Rishonim

1xBB, 2xCL-N, 1xCL-E, 1xCL

CL-N's Zin (H1) and Zefa (H2) form the core of this group.

HK Group 2 - Storm Hunters -Tzayadei S'arot

1xBC, 1xCE, 1xCA-V, 1xCA-VE, 2xCVD

BC Ben Arieh (Sh-2) usually leads this group

HK Group 3 - Valiant Hunters -Tzayadei Giborim

1xBB, 1xCA-V, 1xCA-VE, 1xCE, 1xCVD

Special Fleets

Core Defense Expeditionary Force - Tzi Haganat Hatevah

1xDN, 3xBC, 1xCH, 1xCM, 2xCA, 3xCE, 3xCL-E, 1xCL-S, 4xDS, 2xFE, 3xCT-S

Led by DN Meir (P-gold), includes BC's Barak (Sh-1) and Yericho (R-1), and CM Kidon

Tzi Arum - Experimental Stealth Fleet

3xCH-A, 1xCE-A, 2xCE-AE, 3xFF-A

CH-A's: Read Noise, Random Effect, and Kos Eiliyahu

CE-A Full Width Half Maximum

CE-AE's High Pass Filter and Undocumented Feature

FF-A's Tabor, Smolla (to the left), Yemina (to the right)

Intelligence Fleet

2xCL-S, 2xFF-S, 2xCT-S, 1xDD-AS

CL-S's Gilderstein & Einstein

Merchant marine/Customs Tzi Hameches

Multiple Shish's (triads) of CT's


CT = Corvette

FF = Frigate

FE = Escort Frigate

FH = Heavy Frigate

DH = Heavy Destroyer

DS = Strike Destroyer

CE = Escort Cruiser

CL = Light Cruiser

CA = Cruiser

CH = Heavy Cruiser

CM = Missile Cruiser

BC = Battlecruiser

BB = Battleship

DN = Dreadnought

SDN = Superdreadnought

CVD = Very Light Carrier

CVL = Light Carrier

CV = Carrier


s = Sublight

-A Stealth

-E Escort variant

-M Missileship

-N Needle

-S Spyship

-V Carrier

Letters/numbers/colors in parentheses after ship names indicate hebrew letters, numbers,and colors of hulls.


Epsilon Indi

Gan: 2xBasis (base), 2xTachana (station), 3xDuchan (platform) 1xMispana (shipyard)

Outsystem: 2xTachana, 2x Matzava (outpost)


Midbar: 2xTachana

Ghostworks: 1xTachana, 1xMispana Ktana

Outsystem: 2xMatzava


Metzada: 1xBasis, 1x Tachana,1xDuchan, 1xMispana Yaffa: 1xTachana, 1xDuchan

Gehenem: 1xDuchan

Karchon: 1xMatzava

Goliat orbit: 2xMatzava

Seren: 1xTachana, 1x Matzava

Miksam: 1xMatzava


5584 Izenberg: 1xMatzavah (other secret asteroid bases unconfirmed)

Old Israel: 1xMatzava


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