Sabra System



Midbar (desert)

Zone: B (inner)

Type: Marginal/Desert

Diam (km): 13,000

Moons: 0

Midbar The harsh and hot environment of Midbar provides a challenge to the colonists carving out a livable area. The scattered small sea/lakes are alkaline and poisonous without chemical and/or biological filtration and decontamination. Midbar is home to some of the best terraforming and colonial engineers in Human space, and their efforts are visible from orbit as the barren land can be seen greening in several regions.

Period (Earth Days): 30

Rotation (hr): 22

Local days/year: 32.7

Density (g/cc): 5

Gravity (g's): 0.9

Avg Temp (C): 35

% Water: 10%

% Ice: -

Mineral Resources (max 100): 56

Native Life Development: III (simple invertebrates; plants)

Native Life Basis: Protein-based

Human Population: 2 million

Asteroid Belt

Avnet Sabra

Zone: B

Type: Asteroids

Diam (km): ~10 m - 600 km

The Avnet Sabra is home to a number of small asteroid installations, including the Midbar Ghostworks.

Total human population in the belt is 46,000.

Sabra II

Sabra II

Zone: C

Type: Giant

Diam (km): 54,000

Moons: 11

Neptunian giant

Sabra III

Sabra III

Zone: C

Type: Cold

Diam: 5,000

Moons: 0

Asteroid Belt

Sabra Kuiper

Zone: C

Type: Asteroids

Diam (km) ~10 m - 900 km

The dense Sabra Kuiper belt is a significant source of raw materials and resources.


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