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War of the Worlds Martians

Walkers; Monolith, Parroom/London War Room, also Black Hat 18mm

Cylinders; Monolith

Martians; Paroom/London War Room, also Black Hat 18mm Martian figures are about the right size to go with LWR.

Flying Infantry

US Rocketmen; Pulp Figures, Scheltrum

Prussian rocketmen; Eureka

British rocketmen; Warrior/Over The Wire, Scheltrum

British winged men; Eureka

Chinese Kite flyers; Scheltrum

US Jump troops; Brigade

Advanced Infantry

Evil Minions; Parroom/London War Room

Japanese Smoke Stalkers; Parroom/London War Room

Space Tommies (32mm); Chiltern

Sturmtruppen (32mm); Chiltern

Nacht Jager; Artizan

Space Suited

British Victorians with air masks; Parroom/London War Room

British Aether Marines; Scheltrum

Prussian Aether Marines; Scheltrum

Gas Gunner, Super Weapons Crew; Scheltrum


Underwater Pirates; Scheltrum

"20,000 Leagues" Divers; Scheltrum,

Airship Crew

Zeppellin Crew; Pulp

Air Pirates; Warrior/Over The Wire, Artizan

"Cloud Masters"; Scheltrum

15mm amd 18mm SuppliersEdit

Brigade GamesEdit

- Gaslight Brigade Games has expanded their Gaslight miniatures into 15mm scale. The first set of figures is an adventurers pack, photos can be found on Brigade's web site.

Eureka MiniaturesEdit

- None in production yet Be sure to check out the Club 300 list for proposals for several other Victorian era custom figures from Eureka.

Black Hat MiniaturesEdit

Martian Empires - British Expedition Force - Imperial Martian - Martian Askari

Now available in the USA from SCALECREEP And elsewhere from Fighting15s .

Black Raven FoundryEdit

(Useful as Martians) - High Elves - Wood Elves - Amazons (useful as Venusians) - Lizardmen Also available from Old Glory 15s .

JTFM Enterprise & The ArmChair GeneralEdit

Victorian Science Fiction miniatures including infantry and vehicles such as the German Zyklops for use in When the Navy Walked games as well as other VSF interests.

Kremlin MiniaturesEdit

SCS4 Robo-Cavalry SCS3 RisingSun Manitou The "Manitou" is an armored fighting suit (power armor). Keep your eyes open for new addition.

MJ MiniaturesEdit

- Hawk Men - Other Odd Sci/Fi MJ Miniatures has been traded a few time, but now is held by Dragon's Hoard . They once also had a "Spice Warrior" line similar to Dune type characters. This line is reported to be "Also available soon".

My MiniaturesEdit

- Elves - Maori - Inuit2 - Eastern Forest American Indians2 My Miniatures maintains a gallery with pictures of painted figures from several of they lines.

Peter PigEdit

- Wild West - Big Aliens (Green Martians) Range 15 is the company's listing of the Wild West range. These figures are carried by Brookhurst Hobbies in the USA (their list is here). Peter Pig has a "Big Aliens" range which are modeled after the Green Martians of the War Lord of Mars stories (this list is here).

Regiment GamesEdit

Mars or Die: - French - Germans - UK - American Indians - Japanese - Flying machines "The French Foreign Legion and others on the Red Planet, 1902-1909" due out "In early 2005"


15mm and 18mm Victorian Science Fiction Miniature Ranges:

15mm and 18mm Victorian Era Miniature Ranges:

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